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Empowering outdoor enthusiasts with quality service and expert care, Murray Bridge Caravan & Outdoor Centre is your trusted partner for all things caravan and outdoor adventure. From meticulous servicing, repairing, and insurance work to offering a diverse range of new and used caravans, camper trailers, and motorhomes, we're dedicated to elevating your journey, ensuring every adventure is a seamless and memorable experience.

Murray Bridge Caravan & Outdoor Centre is Born

Murray Bridge Caravan & Outdoor Centre is founded by outdoor enthusiasts Trevor and Carol in Murray Bridge, South Australia.

Trevor and Carol start small, offering servicing and repairs for caravans and camping equipment. Their dedication to quality service and expertise quickly earns them a reputation among the local outdoor community.

Responding to growing demand, Murray Bridge Caravan & Outdoor Centre expands its offerings to include sales of new and used caravans, camper trailers, and motorhomes.

The business experiences steady growth, attracting customers from across the region seeking top-notch servicing, repairs, and a wide selection of outdoor equipment.

New Owners On Board

Late 2021, Mick and Julie take over the business to continue it's legacy as a Family Owned Business.

Murray Bridge Caravan & Outdoor Centre continues to thrive as a family-owned business, dedicated to providing exceptional service, expertise, and a diverse range of quality products for outdoor enthusiasts across Australia.

Now selling, WillowRV, Montana, Opal and Eagle Caravans and Campers.


Now offering Off-Grid Solutions, Servicing, Insurance Work and much more. Murray Bridge Caravan & Outdoor Centre continues to proudly be a one stop shop for all things Caravans.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Gaye Preece
in the last week

These guys are great they have helped us out a few times, and although we live in Gawler, we bring our van back to them each time. So hard to get down to earth good advice nowadays, and they are one of the few in the industry who don't rip off novices. Thanks, guys. we will be back again and again! quote

david dyckhoff
2 months ago

Great place and excellent service from front to workshop the girls and boys do well.thanks quote

Alois Kniebeiss
3 months ago

Always great experience getting any work done on caravan and well equipped with accessories, friendly staff! quote

Mark Robjohns
4 months ago